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Hunter's Moon Ritual Tickets


Receive two tickets to Lucien Shapiro's "Hunter's Moon Ritual" ,in San Francisco,when you buy either "Honesty's Every Riddle" or "Holding Internal Martyrs" prints.


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Each purchase comes with 1 ticket (+guest) to attend the Hunter's Moon Ritual, taking place during the Hunter’s Moon on Friday, October 18th. The location and time of the ritual will be released only to each ticket holder and their guest.

During the ritual, the artist will have his blood drawn to celebrate a fruitful harvest from the earth and welcome the winter season of nourishment through the hunt.

Lucien Shapiro’s blood will be combined with the ink used to produce the two editions through the weekend, before being shipped out Monday, October 21st.
Attendees will be witness to the artist’s cleansing from the fruitful year and will welcome all to join as light holders during the ceremony. 

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